[Openmcl-devel] Data structure library (doubly linked list) for OpenMCL?

Dan Knapp dankna at accela.net
Thu Aug 19 04:15:35 PDT 2004

   I'm pretty sure there's no one widely-used implementation, no.  I'm 
not familiar with Boost,
but I assume it's an open-source library of basic data structures.

   Since Lisp has garbage collection, the main difficulty you would have 
in C++ is taken care of
for you: specifically, you don't have to explicitly free (delete) list 
items, so problems which involve
referring to already-freed memory never arise, which takes care of most 
of the subtle bugs.

   I would go ahead and write something short for you here, but it 
wouldn't really help you
because it would just be something I came up with, not an 
implementation other people
have looked at and agreed with the design of.

   Are you aware of the mailing list small-cl-src?  It's dedicated to 
sharing bits of Lisp code
which are too small to be programs by themselves.  If you do write an 
implementation, that
would be the ideal place to post it if you want other people to start 
using it, which would
result in there eventually being a community-vetted implementation.  
You can subscribe to
it here:


   In fact, it would probably be worth looking through the archived 
messages of that list,
in case somebody already has one.

-- Dan Knapp

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