[Openmcl-devel] mcl-doubles problem in openmcl 0.14.1

taube at uiuc.edu taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 18 17:08:59 PST 2004

[This question comes from a colleague, Bill Schottstaedt:  bil at ccrma.stanford.edu]

In openmcl 0.14.1 of recent vintage, the code I'm using
in mcl-doubles.cl to get the address of a double-float
array no longer works:

(defppclapfunction %df-vect-data-to-macptr ((vect arg_y) (ptr arg_z))
    ;;; put address of df-vect data in macptr - 1999-09-03TA
    (addi arg_y arg_y arch::misc-dfloat-offset)
    (stw arg_y arch::macptr.address arg_z)

dies with the complaint that arch::misc-dfloat-offset is
not defined. I checked the current source against a version
about a month old, and it appears that that entire part of
openmcl has been changed.  I didn't see any obvious
way to fix this.

What do I do now to pass a double-float array through
the FFI to C?  How to I distinguish which version of
openmcl I'm compiling in (the two have the same version

bil at ccrma.stanford.edu


Rick Taube

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