[Openmcl-devel] mcl-doubles problem in openmcl 0.14.1

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Wed Feb 18 17:50:14 PST 2004

the quick answer to your question -- most (all?) symbols in "ARCH"
are now exported from "TARGET".  the longer answer probably has to
do with the ppc32/ppc64 code cleanup.


> (defppclapfunction %df-vect-data-to-macptr ((vect arg_y) (ptr arg_z))
>     ;;; put address of df-vect data in macptr - 1999-09-03TA
>     (addi arg_y arg_y arch::misc-dfloat-offset)
>     (stw arg_y arch::macptr.address arg_z)
>     (blr))

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