[Openmcl-devel] 0.13.x vs. 0.14.x

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Sun Jan 4 12:06:26 PST 2004

Does anyone have an opinion on the choice between OpenMCL 0.13.x and 
0.14.x ?

We currently have a web application in production, as described in 
http://homepage.mac.com/svc/RebelWithACause/ , using OpenMCL 0.13.6 
running on an Apple Xserve Dual Processor - handling on average 10K 
hits a day, transferring 100Mb, with uptimes of up to 20/30 days. From 
my standpoint, OpenMCL 0.13.6 should have been called 1.x, we have not 
yet encountered a pure Lisp crash.

In our latest development in December 2003, we have been using OpenMCL 
0.14.x and it felt OK. Should we switch on our production server too ? 
We have no dual processor hardware in our office to do testing, only 
the production machines in colocation. Has anybody used OpenMCL 0.14.x 
with its native multi threading on a dual processor mac ? Is there a 
remote possibility that a native multi threading openmcl executing a 
multi threading application monopolizes the machine ? Has anyone used 
OpenMCL 0.14.x in a production environment ?

Asking when 0.14 will replace 0.13 is probably a related question...


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