[Openmcl-devel] "dppccl --version" feature request

Rick Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 21 11:45:08 PST 2004

> For your purposes, is "0.14" an adequate response to "--version" ?

yes this would be fine! my script wants to install in a 
"<lisp>_<version>_<os-arch> dir that it creates if it has to. For 
example right now if it boots openmcl 0.41 on my osx machine the 
directory is

pinhead:/Lisp/cm $ bin/cm.sh
; Loading 
; Loading 

the only way I could get that 'openmcl_0.14-031108' was by actually 
exec'ing openmcl (if it exists) and then parsing the 
(lisp-implementation-string) and then exiting. it would be sweet if I 
could just ask dppccl for a string that will be "unique" for fasls 
compiled by the same openmcl kernel.

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