[Openmcl-devel] First draft!

Dan Knapp dankna at accela.net
Mon Jul 5 14:03:27 PDT 2004

   I made small wording changes to address nearly all the things Hamilton
pointed out - thanks.

   One thing I haven't changed is the CVS information; I'll get to that 
soon, when
I can figure out the best way to handle it.  What I think is that the 
information now
at TmpCVS/index.html should be moved to section 1.7 of Docs/ (actually 
1.6, as
I combined them in my latest revision), and the link in the navigation 
bar should
point to there.  That may require me to do a little xsl stuff, though.  
I'll look into it.

   Yeah, I knew about the code examples not indenting properly 
(actually, they
weren't supposed to indent at all).  nxml-mode "fixes" this when I 
re-indent the
chapter they're in.  I was going to do an editing pass at some point to 
fix all
those; thanks for reminding me.  It's done, for now.

   The examples in 4.2 (wildcard expansion with run-program) work for 
me, which
is to say, they do what the comments suggest.  They should probably 
sample output, though, just to be clearer.  Are you sure you were 
running from
a directory with Lisp files in it?  What version of OpenMCL?

   I'm going to hold on putting these changes up anywhere until we've 
got the
new site in CVS - that will be easier for me, and I think that if I 
posted a URL
for yet another draft copy right now, it would just confuse people and 
result in the
http://newsite.openmcl.clozure.com/ one not getting adequate 
Should only be a couple days, anyhow.

-- Dan Knapp

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