[Openmcl-devel] First draft!

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Jul 5 17:12:50 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Dan Knapp wrote:

>    I made small wording changes to address nearly all the things Hamilton
> pointed out - thanks.
>    The examples in 4.2 (wildcard expansion with run-program) work for
> me, which
> is to say, they do what the comments suggest.  They should probably
> include
> sample output, though, just to be clearer.  Are you sure you were
> running from
> a directory with Lisp files in it?  What version of OpenMCL?

Perhaps those examples should be prefaced by text that says "... assuming
that the current directory contains one or more .lisp files ...".  (The
intent is just to demonstrate that the shell knows how to expand wildcards
and most other programs don't, not to guarantee that the current directory
contains .lisp files..)

>    I'm going to hold on putting these changes up anywhere until we've
> got the
> new site in CVS - that will be easier for me, and I think that if I
> posted a URL
> for yet another draft copy right now, it would just confuse people and
> result in the
> http://newsite.openmcl.clozure.com/ one not getting adequate
> glancing-over.
> Should only be a couple days, anyhow.

I think that the process of replacing the stuff in CVS is simpler than I
thought it would be:

1) disable the cron job that builds the main site from CVS.
2) check the new xml/Makefile/xsl/stylesheet files into CVS
3) add a cron job which builds "newsite" from CVS
4) modify (3) to build the main site, disable the server-side processing
   on the server, retire "newsite.openmcl.clozure.com" (or make it point
   to the main site for a while.)

I'll try to do the first 3 steps ASAP.

> -- Dan Knapp
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