[Openmcl-devel] Doc updates

Dan Knapp dankna at accela.net
Sat Jul 10 18:50:46 PDT 2004

   I've now checked in stylesheet updates which should make all the 
links work on
every browser.  It's not quite valid xhtml, because of spurious xmlns 
produced by what appears to be a known bug in xsltproc, but it very 
nearly is,
and it works fine for me in Safari, Camino, and the OS X version of IE.

   I have also added a new section, written by Andrew Lentvorski:  
7.9, Tutorial: Using Basic Calls and Types.  (In the FFI chapter.)  You 
can see it


   My apologies to Andrew for taking so long to get around to this.

   Lastly, I combined the three Dictionary sections in the FFI chapter 
into one,
and put their contents in refentry format.  This was the only 
Dictionary section
which that hadn't been done to yet, because I wasn't sure whether I 
to combine it or what.

   I see that the stylesheet stuff has already been built by the cron 
job, and is
therefore visible right now.  The other things will probably appear in 
an hour.

-- Dan Knapp

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