[Openmcl-devel] First draft!

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Tue Jun 22 07:29:32 UTC 2004

On 20 Jun 2004, at 19:05, Dan Knapp wrote:

>   Anyhow, your reward for reading all the way to the end of the email 
> is that you get the
> link to my provisional copy of the document:
> 	http://www.accela.net/~dankna/openmcl-docs/

Excellent work Dan!

I looked at the multithreading chapter's dictionary, impressive.

Writing and maintaining good documentation is as much work as writing 
and good documentation is what makes the difference between run of the 
mill open source projects
and high quality successfull open source projects.

When finished (and maintained), this will help OpenMCL a lot.


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