[Openmcl-devel] Fwd: FFI stuff, C++, wxWidgets

Hamilton Link hamlink at cs.unm.edu
Wed Dec 21 15:10:51 PST 2005

Thanks for the response... to clarify, I'm not suggesting we get rid of 
the ObjC bridge, far from it.  I'd _way_ rather talk to ObjC for most 
things, because of garbage collection and the MOP features that ObjC's 
introspection provides.

What I'm suggesting is that the openmcl IDE be rewritten on top of a 
GUI library that ports readily to Linux and OS X with native look and 
feel, and wxWidgets looks like a strong candidate.  Unfortunately it's 
a C++ API rather than an ObjC API, so I am interested in what people 
have tried w.r.t. adding C++ FFI capability to openmcl.

And the "pro ObjC bridge" vote is good too, feedback on the features 
people really use is always good.


> I hope there isn't thought of dropping the ObjC bridge.  That bridge 
> and that openmcl seems to be the only Open Source lisp on OS X with 
> decent threading are what brought me to openmcl.  On linux I have been 
> using sbcl and I am happy with it.  Are there reasons to reconsider?
> - samantha

>> Also, for discussion by the people on the list... while I like the 
>> ObjC
>> bridge and the IDE isn't all that bad, the IDE might be better done
>> with wxWidgets, because it would port to openmcl/linux---also, I have 
>> a
>> nagging suspicion that if someone were to throw money at the problem 
>> it
>> would be sensible for a professional GUI developer to start with a
>> blank slate than revise the existing IDE.  Anyone who has actual
>> experience with wxWidgets feel free to chime in on their experiences.
>> Are any customers of MCL out there that would consider moving to
>> openmcl if it had an IDE, willing to fund or collaboratively fund the
>> development of one?

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