[Openmcl-devel] Why is stream-external-format not a generic function?

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Sun Feb 20 10:59:22 PST 2005

> Could stream-external-format be made a generic function?

i don't see why it couldn't be.  i don't think it's against spec to
have a generic function when it doesn't specify one.

if i had to guess, it's not because it started out as a simple wrapper
around file-stream-external-format.  the etypecase was added later
when broadcast-stream support was added.

unless there are objections, i can rewrite it as one.

(defgeneric stream-external-format (stream) ...)
(defmethod stream-external-format ((stream file-stream)) ...)
(defmethod stream-external-format ((stream broadcast-stream)) ...)


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