[Openmcl-devel] OSA support

Greg Pfeil greg at technomadic.org
Sun Jan 16 18:22:47 PST 2005

On 15 Jan 2005, at 1:45, Dan Knapp wrote:

>> I figure, if no one else has taken the project on, I might endeavor 
>> to make a OpenMCL.component for OSA. Of course, I have no idea _when_ 
>> I'll do this ... probably in spare moments between work I'm getting 
>> paid for and other lisp projects. I mostly just wanted to make sure I 
>> wasn't stepping on any toes (and to see if anyone had some words of 
>> advice) before I dive in.
>   Speaking only for myself, that'd be very welcome.  I'm pretty sure 
> nobody's working on it.

So, now for the questions ...

OSA is horribly documented (at least from what I can find), so half of 
what I'm doing is just guessing.

Is OpenMCL embeddable in C? It seems that for the OpenMCL.component, I 
basically just need to provide a standard interface of functions: 
osaCompile, osaExecute, etc. Optimally, I would like to just have Lisp 
functions with those names exist in a symbol table in a binary. I don't 
expect that, though.

So, I thought, I'd write a .c wrapper that just called each lisp 
callback. But I don't know how to bootstrap that ... I have a function 
set-callbacks that can walk through all the lisp callbacks and map them 
to a struct so they can be called from the C code. But I have no way to 
call set-callbacks.

If worse comes to worst, I suppose I could just write it all in C and 
then popen() OpenMCL or something ... I imagine there's probably a 
better way, though.

Thanks for the help.

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