James Bielman jamesjb at jamesjb.com
Fri Jul 15 14:41:39 PDT 2005

I hit this compiling McCLIM on CVS OpenMCL:

Welcome to OpenMCL Version (Beta: DarwinPPC32) 0.14.3-050714!
? (compile nil (lambda nil (make-array 0 :element-type 'real)))
> Error in process listener(1): Unknown type-keyword 178. 
> While executing: CCL::TYPE-KEYWORD-CODE
> Type :POP to abort.
Type :? for other options.

(I think there may be something related to this that leads to an
error cross-compiling SBCL from CVS OpenMCL---I haven't been able
to isolate this into a simple test case yet though...)

With a little hackery around this and my earlier patch for CLX, I got
McCLIM running on ppc64:



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