[Openmcl-devel] Re: Trying to get LISA to run

nrms nils.stritzel at gmx.net
Tue Mar 29 05:02:30 PST 2005

Okay, no wonder nobody replied, since what I wrote was nonsense.
Actually there 2 problems, the first one is that require stuff (that 
one I wrongly thought caused all this mess). I guess this one I could
circumvent by loading the needed file explicitly.

The major problem seems to be that in a file called epilogue.lisp I got 
the following code

      #\# #\? #'(lambda (strm subchar arg)

which is the evildoer. Is the problem here that character "?" is the 
prompt in openmcl?  Is there an intelligent way to solve this conflict?

Thank you for any hints.


Nils Stritzel

Am 28.03.2005 um 18:18 schrieb nrms:

> Hi!
> I am trying to get LISA (Lisp Intelligent Software Agents) to run with 
> openmcl. Actually I have already thought I had suceeded, but as it 
> turned out, I haven't.
> The following is how it is supposed to work with other lisps. I tried 
> to figure out one solution myself, but it failed with the interesting 
> side-effect
> the (require "cocoa") did not work anymore after calling my "solution".
> (defun lisa-debugger ()
>     (translate-logical-pathname "lisa:debugger;lisa-debugger.lisp"))
> #+Allegro
> (setf system:*require-search-list*
>   (append system:*require-search-list*
>           `(:newest ,(lisa-debugger))))
> #+clisp
> (setf custom:*load-paths*
>   (append custom:*load-paths* `(,(lisa-debugger))))
> #+LispWorks
> (let ((Loadable-modules `(("lisa-debugger" . ,(lisa-debugger)))))
>   (defadvice (require lisa-require :around)
>       (module-name &optional pathname)
>     (let ((lisa-module
>            (find module-name loadable-modules
>                  :test #'string=
>                  :key #'car)))
>       (if (null lisa-module)
>           (call-next-advice module-name pathname)
>         (call-next-advice module-name (cdr lisa-module))))))
> So this what I thought that it might be a solution. As I figured out 
> by now it is obviously wrong; ccl:*module-search-path* is not what I 
> am looking for,
> since it only contains directories and I try to append a file name. 
> But what is the correct way to solve this?
> #+Openmcl
> (setf ccl:*module-search-path*
>       (append ccl:*module-search-path*  `(,(lisa-debugger))))
> Any help or advice appreciated.
> Nils Stritzel

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