[Openmcl-devel] Trying to get LISA to run

nrms nils.stritzel at gmx.net
Mon Mar 28 08:18:54 PST 2005


I am trying to get LISA (Lisp Intelligent Software Agents) to run with 
openmcl. Actually I have already thought I had suceeded, but as it 
turned out, I haven't.
The following is how it is supposed to work with other lisps. I tried 
to figure out one solution myself, but it failed with the interesting 
the (require "cocoa") did not work anymore after calling my "solution".

(defun lisa-debugger ()
     (translate-logical-pathname "lisa:debugger;lisa-debugger.lisp"))

(setf system:*require-search-list*
   (append system:*require-search-list*
           `(:newest ,(lisa-debugger))))

(setf custom:*load-paths*
   (append custom:*load-paths* `(,(lisa-debugger))))

(let ((Loadable-modules `(("lisa-debugger" . ,(lisa-debugger)))))

   (defadvice (require lisa-require :around)
       (module-name &optional pathname)
     (let ((lisa-module
            (find module-name loadable-modules
                  :test #'string=
                  :key #'car)))
       (if (null lisa-module)
           (call-next-advice module-name pathname)
         (call-next-advice module-name (cdr lisa-module))))))

So this what I thought that it might be a solution. As I figured out by 
now it is obviously wrong; ccl:*module-search-path* is not what I am 
looking for,
since it only contains directories and I try to append a file name. But 
what is the correct way to solve this?

(setf ccl:*module-search-path*
       (append ccl:*module-search-path*  `(,(lisa-debugger))))

Any help or advice appreciated.

Nils Stritzel

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