[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL Versions

Hamilton Link helink at sandia.gov
Mon Aug 14 09:31:21 PDT 2006

To the best of my knowledge, (since GB hasn't responded, and to draw 
comments from users on the list if they know otherwise, because I'm 
curious as to how the facts compare with my impressions):

LinuxAMD64 and OSXPPC32 have important or numerous users;
   OSXPPC64 has some users with standing interest (i.e. computers that 
aren't yet obsolete);
   OSXIntel32 has no users and probably not a huge interest compared to
   OSXIntel64, which has no users but will probably interest more and 
more people;
   I would guess some few people are really using LinuxPPC32/64 but I'd 
be surprised if there were very many.
   So I'd guess Linux-x64 and OSX-i64 versions are the main future 
platforms, *PPC* will remain important legacy systems needing support 
and patches for a while, and intel32 will remain a speed bump on the 
information superhighway.

I personally use Aquamacs Emacs, sometimes with slime and often 
alongside a terminal command line running openmcl.  I get the impression 
some people swear by slime and it appears to work and be actively supported.
   I have no idea if ilisp is dead as a system, I would be mildly 
surprised if it still worked from openmcl and very surprised if anyone 
used it.
   The Hemlock editor and the other integrated development components 
are not dead, but do not have a Hero working on them at the moment.  By 
the time a Hero becomes available we'll see if it makes sense to have 
the Hero support hemlock etc. or slay it, but it's too soon to excise 
it.  I'll know more about my personal schedule in six months but I'm not 
the only candidate.


Andrew Shalit wrote:

>Well, maybe I should have called them "potential purchasers of lucrative 
>service and/ or development contracts."  I'd probably class it as people 
>who'd be using this on a linux server, or people who'd be using it on a 
>Mac desktop, though of course there's also Windows (not that we have a 
>Windows version yet), and Mac servers, and linux desktop, etc...
>>>How about which versions are paying customers most interested in?
>>Paying customers ?  We have paying customers ?  Why am I always the
>>last to know ?
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