[Openmcl-devel] bug in optimizer on x86-64 (bignum code)

Eric Marsden eric.marsden at free.fr
Tue Jun 27 11:42:15 PDT 2006

>>>>> "gb" == Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> writes:

  gb> Thanks; this is now fixed in CVS.

  I can't rebuild current CVS on AMD64 on a Debian/unstable system
  (starting from a build from yesterday) ; the build of the lisp
  kernel fails with

| % make
| m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../pad.s | as  --64 -o pad.o
| m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-spjump64.s | as  --64 -o x86-spjump64.o
| m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-spentry64.s | as  --64 -o x86-spentry64.o
| m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-subprims64.s | as  --64 -o x86-subprims64.o
| cc -c ../pmcl-kernel.c -DLINUX -D_REENTRANT -DX86 -DX8664 -D_GNU_SOURCE -DHAVE_TLS  -g -O2 -m64 -o pmcl-kernel.o
| ../pmcl-kernel.c: In function ‘get_r_debug’:
| ../pmcl-kernel.c:1775: error: conflicting types for ‘_DYNAMIC’
| /usr/include/link.h:76: error: previous declaration of ‘_DYNAMIC’ was here

  The offending line of link.h reads

    extern ElfW(Dyn) _DYNAMIC[];

Eric Marsden

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