[Openmcl-devel] bug in optimizer on x86-64 (bignum code)

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Tue Jun 27 17:00:22 PDT 2006

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, Eric Marsden wrote:

>>>>>> "gb" == Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> writes:
>  gb> Thanks; this is now fixed in CVS.

I checked in a bunch of stuff yesterday that got a FreeBSD/AMD64
port kind of limping along.  Given a choice between (a) seeing
if those changes broke anything else and (b) sleeping, I chose (b).

I fixed at least enough to enable the Linux/AMD64 port to compile
itself without warnings or errors again, and checked those changes
into CVS a few minutes ago; I'll check the other ports in a few

One of the changes from yesterday (the one that led to the error
below) introduced a new dependency between the image and lisp
kernel on Linux (and FreeBSD).  That really should have been
accompanied by some version number changes (to prevent an "old"
kernel from being used with a "new" image or vice versa) and
some new binaries.  Until that happens, the simplest way to
bootstrap these changes is to do:

shell> cvs update -d -P
shell> openmcl/openmcl64
? (rebuild-ccl :full t)
? (quit)

This dependency doesn't affect Darwin (though it's possible that
some other change made yesterday might inadvertently do so.)

>  I can't rebuild current CVS on AMD64 on a Debian/unstable system
>  (starting from a build from yesterday) ; the build of the lisp
>  kernel fails with
> ,----
> | % make
> | m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../pad.s | as  --64 -o pad.o
> | m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-spjump64.s | as  --64 -o x86-spjump64.o
> | m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-spentry64.s | as  --64 -o x86-spentry64.o
> | m4 -DLINUX -DX86 -DX8664 -I../ ../x86-subprims64.s | as  --64 -o x86-subprims64.o
> | cc -c ../pmcl-kernel.c -DLINUX -D_REENTRANT -DX86 -DX8664 -D_GNU_SOURCE -DHAVE_TLS  -g -O2 -m64 -o pmcl-kernel.o
> | ../pmcl-kernel.c: In function ¡Æget_r_debug¡Ç:
> | ../pmcl-kernel.c:1775: error: conflicting types for ¡Æ_DYNAMIC¡Ç
> | /usr/include/link.h:76: error: previous declaration of ¡Æ_DYNAMIC¡Ç was here
> `----
>  The offending line of link.h reads
>    extern ElfW(Dyn) _DYNAMIC[];
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