[Openmcl-devel] New Clozure CL.app Available for Download

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Dec 3 16:53:26 PST 2007

The .dmg file that Andrew updloaded contains copies of a double-clickable
IDE for OSX (written in and intended to be used with OpenMCL ... er, CCL ...
er, Clozure CL ... or whatever it's called.)  This is basically what
you'd get if you started WhateverItsCalledCL and did


e.g., it's the Cocoa IDE demo that's been around for the last few years,
only it seems to show some definite signs of usability.

This doesn't (AFAIK) contain sources or even binaries that can easily
be used from the command-line/Emacs.  (There's an OpenMCL heap image
inside the application bundle, but when it starts up it runs a Cocoa
event loop and starts creating menubars and dock icons and windows ...)
This is all OSX-specific (and is mostly there so people who want
to use/test the IDE without learning how to use the command-line version
of TheLispWithManyNames to build it.)

There should be new snapshots soon (as soon as possible) for all platforms.
(It's still possible to update the last snapshot from CVS, but it's
getting pretty long in the tooth ...)  The only real changes anticipated
involve getting the string "pre-" (implying "prerelease") out of the
version number and renaming the "testing" directory: both of these
things tend to make some people believe that the last few years' worth
of snapshots are less stable/usable than the 1.0 release, and that's
generally not true.  (The bugs in 1.0 aren't generally less horrible
than the ones in any of the 1.1 snapshots, etc.)

It's possible that the (pre-built) IDE could be distributed in OSX
tarballs in the future, and full OSX releases might be available in
both .tar.gz and .dmg formats.

On Mon, 3 Dec 2007, Lawrence E. Bakst wrote:

> Andrew,
> How do these relate to the openmcl "snapshot" .tar.gz files? I always try to run the latest snapshot, but not the latest cvs versions.
> I gather that the "ClozureCL2007-10-28.dmg" is newer than any of the snapshots.
> Are there still going to be snapshots or are you moving to a .dmg system?  .smg only works for the Mac. I kind of thought that the dmg files were for customers that don't want to deal with a .tar.gz kind install.
> I think it would be a good idea for CCL to have well defined ways to download:
> 1. Current Release
> 2. A Stable Beta release
> 3. Snapshot releases which are effectively alphas
> 4. Bleed edge CVS
> Mu own feelings are that if you are the kind of customer that can't deal with a .tar.gz release that you should run the released version or a stable beta. Perhaps snapshots that prove to be stable can promoted to a beta release.
> Best,
> leb
> At 6:05 PM -0500 12/3/07, Andrew Shalit wrote:
>> I've posted a disk image with versions of Clozure CL.app built from
>> the latest and greatest sources for Intel-64 and PPC-32.  It's
>> available for download as ftp://clozure.com/pub/testing/ClozureCL2007-12-03.dmg
>>  .
>> There is nothing dramatically new and different about this release,
>> but it does have a large number incremental improvements and bug
>> fixes.  The ReadMe file also includes instructions for getting updated
>> sources from CVS and rebuilding Clozure CL.app yourself.
>> As usual, please report bugs and feature requests on the trac site:
>> trac.clozure.com/openmcl .
>> Thanks, and enjoy!
>> Andrew Shalit
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