[Openmcl-devel] Emacs: local variables list contains values that may not be safe

Greg Pfeil greg at clozure.com
Wed Dec 12 22:18:23 PST 2007

On 12 Dec 2007, at 21:40, Gary Byers wrote:

> A lot of OpenMCL source files try to specify the file's/buffer's  
> package
> (for the benefit of Emacs ...) via an attribute line:
> ;;;-*-Mode: LISP; Package: CCL -*-

My Emacs (GNU 22, with SLIME and Paredit) has no trouble setting the  
mode and package just by seeing that the file extension is "lisp" and  
parsing the IN-PACKAGE form. I have no idea how other emacsen handle  
this, but at least for me it just appears to be one more piece of  
boilerplate I can get rid of.

I’ve also (just today) been told that file-local variables are nice to  
use for setting indent-tabs-mode to NIL, but I think that would work  
better (IE, more enforceable) if you set a commit hook that made sure  
no .lisp files match /^\s*\t\s*/.

It took a lot of browbeating to convince me to put copyright notices  
at the top of my files, so I know I'm at the extreme end of not liking  
boilerplate. Add salt to taste.

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