[Openmcl-devel] directory, create-directory, ...

Jon S. Anthony j-anthony at comcast.net
Mon Oct 6 05:51:24 PDT 2008

I have tried these on both Mac and Linux and they behave the same, and
that is to do nothing.  They don't error, but just return.
create-directory returns the multiple values: path of the supposedly new
directory and nil:

(create-directory "/home/jsa/TEST") => #p"/home/jsa/TEST", NIL

But the directory isn't created.  I also haven't found what the MODE
keyword is supposed to be or do.

directory returns nil whether or not the directory given exists:

(directory "/home/jsa") => nil
(directory "/gobbledegook") => nil

I also couldn't find the meaning of the various keywords to this either,
but tried various permutations of :files t, :directories t, etc. with no
apparent effect.

I tried both with path syntax input as well: #p"/home/jsa/TEST",
#p"/home/jsa", etc.  Nothing.

Anyone have any ideas??


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