[Openmcl-devel] 'leaks.lisp' and older binaries.

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun Oct 19 20:48:24 PDT 2008

I had to sleep.

I'm updating binaries for other plaforms (and listening to the ballgame),
and should be finished in an hour or so.

(Unless I go eat, or do something equally decadent ...)

You can work around this by doing:

? (ccl::update-modules '(ccl::systems ccl::compile-ccl) t)
;; and then
? (rebuild-ccl ...)

should know about "leaks".

On Sun, 19 Oct 2008, David Brown wrote:

> The leaks.lisp utilities (which are quite useful, BTW), seem to
> prevent CCL from building with older binaries.  The x86 binaries have
> been updated, but I can't build PPC, even with the binary build with
> r11164 (the version right beforehand).  When bootstrapping, it is
> unable to load bin/leaks.pfsl, which indeed hasn't been built.
> The (rebuild-ccl :full t) seems to invoke this in such a way that I am
> unable to type anything to the kernel debugger.
> I was able to get past this by:
>   ./ppccl ppc-boot
> then entering 'x' in the kernel debugger, and then saving the image:
>   (ccl:save-application "tmp_image")
>   ./ppccl tmp_image
>   ? (rebuild-ccl :full t)
> This then stops in 'leaks.lisp':
>   ;Compiling "/home/davidb/ccl/ccl/library/leaks.lisp"...
>   Read error between positions 8353 and 10063 in
>   /home/davidb/ccl/ccl/library/leaks.lisp.
>   > Error: value (:STRUCT :MALLINFO) is not of the expected type SYMBOL.
>   > While executing: MAKE-EXTERNAL-FUNCTION-DEFINITION, in process
>   > listener(1).
> So, I guess I'm not quite sure how to go about building the tip for
> ppc.
> Thanks,
> David
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