[Openmcl-devel] cl-http on clozure-cl

Chun Tian (binghe) binghe.lisp at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 21:46:22 PDT 2009

Hi, GB & James

In my cl-http copy (70.216 plus my changes), there's "port-template"  
by Karsten Poeck.

On Clozure CL, compiling success but test failed:

? (load-cl-http-tester)
;Loading #P"http:port;test;load.lisp.newest"...
;Loading #P"http:port;test;test-string-stream-server.lisp.newest"...
[2009-04-05 12:34:34]  Initializing Proxy Cache....
[2009-04-05 12:34:34]  Restoring Proxy Cache from http:proxy-cache;....
[2009-04-05 12:34:34]  Restored 0 cache entries from http:proxy-cache;.
[2009-04-05 12:34:34]  Proxy Cache Initialized.
[2009-04-05 12:34:34]  HTTP service enabled for: http://localhost:80/
;Loading #P"http:port;test;test-exports.lisp.newest"...Test with  
(http::test "")
Test with (http::test "license")
Test with (http::test "translations.lisp")
Test with (http::test "generated")
Test all with (test-all))
? (test-all)
Reportable condition caught:
 > Error: There is no applicable method for the generic function:
 >        when called with arguments:
 >          (#<STRING-SERVER input #<STRING-INPUT-STREAM   
#x3000433EBEAD>, output #<STRING-OUTPUT-STREAM  #x3000433EBCCD>  
(T)>, in process listener(1).
 > Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort, :R for a list of available  
 > If continued: Try calling it again
 > Type :? for other options.
1 > :pop

I think there're only small bugs in it. Anyone here can fix them if  
they have latest source code in hand.

The biggest problem of CL-HTTP is that its SVN is not public available  
and only a small group of developer (not include me) has access to it,  
two of them are Martin Simmons (LW) and Rainer Joswig. My cl-http copy  
came from Rainer Joswig after I've been asking for it for more than  
one year with some bug fixes ...

Latest CL-HTTP only runs on LispWorks perfectly. But on other  
supported platforms' newest version (MCL 5.2, LCL 506, SCL, CMUCL) ,  
there're many issues which need people fix it.

I hope JCMa can see this post and change his cl-http policy a bit.


Chun Tian (binghe)

On 2009-4-5, at 12:01, Gary Byers wrote:

> As far as I know, no one's done a port.
> I'd have to think (perhaps naively) that doing a port involves writing
> some platform-specific code (for things like networking/threads/ 
> pathnames)
> that adheres to some public interface, and that there isn't likely  
> to be
> a whole lot of that code.
> Anytime that I've ever looked at cl-http, I've been unable to  
> determine
> how its code is organized, where that platform-specific code should  
> go,
> and what those public interfaces are.
> I -think- that I once heard that someone (maybe Karsten Poeck ?) had
> written something - either a porting guide or a skeletal portability
> layer or both - for CL-HTTP, but I don't remember where I saw that and
> couldn't find it the last time that I looked.
> On Sun, 5 Apr 2009, james anderson wrote:
>> is there a clozure-cl port of cl-http?
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