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Andrew Shalit alms at clozure.com
Thu Apr 9 10:18:01 PDT 2009

Hi Janusz --

I guess it depends on what you mean by usable.

Our goal for the current work we're doing on the IDE is to make it  
usable, as defined by the people who contributed money.  We talked to  
those people and committed to making the improvements they've  
requested.  That work is underway.  It isn't being documented in real  
time, but you can get a sense of what's happening here: http://trac.clozure.com/ccl/timeline 
  .  The current list of planned improvements can be gleaned from the  
trac tickets visible here:

While that isn't a full blown commercial development plan, we feel  
like it's good progress from where things have been.  Another specific  
goal of the current work is to make it easier for users to contribute  
improvements to the IDE, as they could to the MCL IDE.

All that said, we agree that there's plenty more work to do.  We'd be  
interesting in hearing more about what you'd like to see.  What's the  
definition of a stable CCL that you could use for porting your  
project?  Feel free to e-mail us, or discuss it on-list, or we could  
also set up a time to talk.  We'd be happy to try to incorporate your  
feedback into our current round of work, or set up a specific small  
contract with you for improvements, or perhaps use a pledge from you  
as the starting point for a second round of improvements to the IDE.

Clozure Associates

On Apr 4, 2009, at 7:07 AM, Janusz Podrazik wrote:

> Hello,
> I wonder when can we expect a usable version of Clozure CL -  
> replacement to MCL.
> Since a long time not much has changed in the CL COCOA interface.
> Save window position, and save open files are not implemented.
> TOOLS windows - are not consistent in design, not mentioning all the  
> other basics which are needed in NEW modern Clozure MCL.
> The best solution would be a commercial release/product, for which  
> the possible users could contribute now.
> I am not talking about sponsoring a project which hasn't a concrete  
> timeline, I am talking about paying for a commercial product now,
> which will be realized let say in 6 months time. I would be very  
> happy to pay 500-700 EUR knowing that in 6 months we could start  
> porting our product
> with a new stable Clozure CL or Clozure MCL.
> I think Clozure may need/should come up with ideas/suggestions on  
> how all this can be accomplished.
> I would be very interested to know if such a plan could be realized.
> Best wishes,
> --
> Janusz Podrazik
> MRAC Publishing
> info at mracpublishing.com
> http://www.januszpodrazik.com
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