[Openmcl-devel] using subversion as a publication mechanism.

John McAleely john at mcaleely.com
Fri Apr 24 16:44:09 PDT 2009

>> I don't believe the subversion developers promise to maintain their
>> meta-information format in a compatible fashion between releases, at
>> least not to the same extent as the APIs they publish. What  
>> particular
>> version of subversion is CCL's installation process dependent on? It
>> does not appear to be documented on the trac page.
> All clients and servers in the 1.x series are supposed to be able to
> work with each other.  As for working copies, they are supposed to be
> upward compatible within the 1.x series.  (That is, newer clients can
> use older working copies, though they might silently upgrade the
> working copy format on first access.)

I stand corrected. Good to know that it will at least not cause nasty  
compatibility problems.


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