[Openmcl-devel] Backups, revision control, and taking over the world

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Thu Aug 6 03:40:27 PDT 2009

Am 05.08.2009 um 22:50 schrieb Ron Garret:

> I wanted to change the way Hemlock stores backups.  I like having
> backups, but I don't like having them stored with the emacs convention
> of appending a twiddle to the file name.

I don't have a problem with that.

Some related stuff bothers me:

* I have a file open in CCL

* the file gets changed on the disk using another editor, say, LispWorks

* I type into the CCL window

Now a few strange things happen:

* CCL does not warn me that the file has changed on the disk (Emacs  
does that)

* CCL renames the buffer to the backup file ...

* if I want to save it, then it warns that the file has been renamed

I also remember that the 'Revert' menu gets me back the last backup  
If the buffer has changed and there is a newer file on the disk, I  
would like to have revert buffer replace the buffer contents with the  
newer file on disk.



Rainer Joswig, Hamburg, Germany
mailto:joswig at lisp.de

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