[Openmcl-devel] Hi from new user

Denis Bodyak budden-lisp at mail.ru
Mon Feb 23 12:39:03 PST 2009

Hi Gary, Ray, list!

> If that's the bug, then just doing:
> ? (run-program "svn" '("info") :output t)
It looks like that... It looks like I didn't restart my cmd.exe after installing adding svn to a path. 

> Yes.  The printed representation of a pathname (and the result
> of the function NAMESTRING) will escape/quote dots that are
> constituents of the pathname's name or type components (as opposed
> to a dot that separates these components.)  When a string is coerced
> to a pathname, escaped dots are interpreted as constituents.
Ok, but I see no way to address md5.asd.lnk at all . ' is not a quoting character under win32 so this is evidently a bug. 

>I believe that it reads as #\a,#\Return,#\Newline,#\b, which would
>be exactly what the console sent (where #\Newline is also known as
Yes, I was wrong, sorry. I thought it returns #\Return instead of #\Newline, and didn't even check that third element exist. It returns #\a,#\Return,#\Newline,#\b. 


(with-input-from-string (s "a
b") (read-line s)) 
returns a string of #\a,#\Return. This causes odd printing: 
- no closing double-quote is printed at all. This would be ok too. But I use GNU's readlink.exe to resolve *.asd.lnk to *.asd (as asdf does on linux). 

Here readlink returns (I guess) 
(here I guess we have #\Return and #\Newline).
Then I use readline (as you do in case of svn-info-component) and I get a filename with #\Return in the end of it. I have to remove it manually to get correct filename. 

> I'm trying to force myself to actually use Windows without using
Are things easier in ccl with cygwin? If so, I can just install it. 
Especially if this could help solve md5.asd.lnk issue. 

Thanks for detailed reply :) 

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