[Openmcl-devel] invitation to stress test anticipatory symbol completion for CCL

Raffael Cavallaro raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
Sat Jan 3 11:44:39 PST 2009

On Jan 3, 2009, at 1:05 PM, Alexander Repenning wrote:

> Can you get it to crash


I really like this facility, thanks very much for sharing it with the  
CCL community. Not having to constantly type meta-slash is nice.

Unfortunately, under CCL 1.2-r11572M if I compile-load this and then  
open a Listener, as soon as I type anything that triggers the symbol- 
completion process CCL crashes. This is repeatable. Console message:

Jan  3 14:07:34 rafbookpro com.apple.launchd[159]  
([0x0-0x92c92c].com.clozure.Clozure CL[57877]): Exited with exit code:  

No .crash file in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/

The workaround I've found is to always open some other hemlock buffer  
after loading anticipatory-symbol-completion before attempting to open  
a new listener which will use this facility.

BTW, and unrelated to Alex's anticipatory symbol completion, I get a  
different instant crash if I hit Cmd-ctrl-D in a hemlock window or  
listener (should bring up the dictionary entry for the word the cursor  
is over in a cocoa text-edit field or do nothing, but obviously, not  

Jan  3 14:30:05 rafbookpro dx86cl64[57988]: Bounds error - Attributes  
at index: 140733193388101  edit-count: 0 mirror: Welcome to Clozure  
Common Lisp Version 1.2-r11572M  (DarwinX8664)!\n? hello{\n    NSFont  
= "Monaco 10.00 pt. P [] (0x001e9f10) fobj=0x001ea380, spc=6.00";\n     
NSParagraphStyle = Alignment 4, LineSpacing 0, ParagraphSpacing 0,  
ParagraphSpacingBefore 0, HeadIndent 0, TailIndent 0,  
FirstLineHeadIndent 0, LineHeight 0/0, LineHeightMultiple 0,  
LineBreakMode 1, Tabs (\n), DefaultTabInterval 48, Blocks (null),  
Lists (null), BaseWritingDirection -1, HyphenationFactor 0,  
TighteningFactor 0.05, HeaderLevel 0;\n} layout: <NSLayoutManager:  
0x1376c2c0>\n    1 containers, text backing has 74 characters\n     
selected character range {74, 0} affinity: downstream granularity:  
character\n    marked character range {74, 0}\n    Currently holding  
74 glyphs.\n    Glyph tree contents:  74 characters, 74 glyphs, 1  
nodes, 64 node bytes, 128 storage bytes, 192 total bytes, 2.59 bytes  
per character, 2.59 bytes per glyph\n    Layout tree contents:  74  
characters, 74 glyphs, 74 laid glyphs, 2 laid line fragments, 1 nodes,  
64 node bytes, 1568 storage bytes, 1632 total bytes, 22.05 bytes per  
character, 22.05 bytes per glyph, 37.00 laid glyphs per laid line  
fragment, 816.00 bytes per laid line fragment
Jan  3 14:30:05 rafbookpro com.apple.launchd[159]  
([0x0-0x930930].com.clozure.Clozure CL[57988]): Exited: Killed



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