[Openmcl-devel] YAWRQ (Yet Another Wheel Reinvention Query): MySQL interface

Jon S. Anthony j-anthony at comcast.net
Sun Jul 19 16:39:28 PDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 16:14 -0700, Ron Garret wrote:
> There's CL-MYSQL, CLSQL, and a RYO (roll-your-own) that I did a long  
> time ago.  None of them are working (the RYO comes closest at the  
> moment), so I have my usual question: anyone have a MySQL interface up  
> and running that they like and can recommend before I just pick one  
> and dive into trying to get it to work?

Yes, the CLSQL one works quite well - for some value of "well",
especially as we are talking about MySql here.  I've used it with 5.* on
both MacOSX x8664bit and Linux (FC, and CentOS) both x8632 and x8664
bit.  But mostly 64 bit.  I've used it for real applications both on
local servers and in the EC2.  The one thing I recall is on Mac (at
least for the x8664) you have to make a few changes to the make file for
the C sharable lib that it builds and uses.  

If you are going down the relational road, there are several things
about CLSQL that are quite nice.  The ORM (if you like that sort of
thing) is much simpler than something like Hibernate (or for that matter
ActiveRecord), it's reasonably fast (certainly for MySql...), can work
simultaneously across several DBs and different ones, reasonably well
documented, works with several Lisps (including CCL), and the symbolic
sql stuff can be nice in various circumstances.  One potential drawback
(depending on what you are about) is most of the interfaces are via the
socket protocols for the DBs, though at least a couple have native
interface IIRCC.


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