[Openmcl-devel] Slime/Clozure/Windows C-c C-c not working

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sat Jul 25 12:43:29 PDT 2009

* Matt Lamari [2009-07-25 20:56+0200] writes:

> Does nothing.  "Not connected" goes to the log; but it has no effect on
> the REPL/listener (if in a loop, it stays there, if not, you can
> proceed/no effect).

OK, let's try again.

Make sure that you start CCL with M-x slime and that you get a greeting
message like: "Connected. May the source be with you!"

[If you only see things like "Polling "/tmp/slime.2971".. in the echo
area, something is wrong with your setup.]

When you have a working connection you can do `M-x slime-list-threads'.
Then in the *SLIME Threads* buffer, press d (for Debug) on the runaway
thread.  Depending on your setup the interesting thread is either the
listener, repl-thread, or a worker thread.

[Don't press d on the control-thread or the reader-thread because those
are needed for the communication with Emacs.]


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