[Openmcl-devel] User contributions

Karsten Poeck karsten.poeck at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 13:33:21 PDT 2009

In article <5065C024-18B6-4E09-B3BD-C009D2F5FF96 at awun.net>,
 Ron Garret <ron at awun.net> wrote:
> http://www.flownet.com/ron/lisp/
> There's also two new demos: an image-view class which does the obvious  
> thing, and a pdf-view with overlays, so you can, for example, overlay  
> a scribble view over a pdf view and scribble on a PDF.
> You'll need to snarf three files from there to run the demos:
> rg-utils.lisp
> rg-cocoa-utils.lisp
> rg-demos.lisp

How do you normally load your files? I tried opening in hemlock an 
"Compile and load buffer" but this fails with a lot of undefined forward 
references, e.g
 Error: Undefined function CONVERT-ARGS called with arguments ((S)) .
 Error: Undefined function EXTRACT-DECLARATIONS called with arguments
undefined class view and other errors.

Does your code perhaps lack some (eval-when ...)



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