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Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Wed Jun 24 08:22:29 PDT 2009

Thank You!
I propose that you add to the default hemlock bindings.lisp file these:

(hi:bind-key "Select Forward Word" #k"meta-shift-rightarrow")
(hi:bind-key "Select Backward Word" #k"meta-shift-leftarrow")

(hi:bind-key "Forward Form" #k"control-rightarrow")
(hi:bind-key "Select Forward Form" #k"control-shift-rightarrow")

(hi:bind-key "Backward Form" #k"control-leftarrow")
(hi:bind-key "Select Backward Form" #k"control-shift-leftarrow")

but it is perhaps too personal...?

by the way the
(hi:bind-key "Select Backward Character" #k"shift-leftarrow")
(hi:bind-key "Select Forward Character" #k"shift-rightarrow")
do not work...

and... I found that doubleclicking on a form to select it, then  
collapsing it to the right or to the left, return do not work anymore  
as new-line for this document.
if you are to the left, the form goes line by line downward but the  
cursor stay in place - like control-O,
if you collapse to the right you create a new line underneith the form  
but the cursor is still in place (just to the left of the collapsed  
and this is like it is everywhere - in that document. if you open  
another return is return again. if you close the other document and  
reopen it everything is ok again...

collapsing form seems to alter the retrurn - new line function...


Le 24 juin 09 à 15:05, mikel evins a écrit :

> On Jun 24, 2009, at 4:02 AM, Joakim Sandgren wrote:
>> is fantastic!!
>> thank you for the correct collapsings!!!
>> I just run upon a small thing...
>> when you have doubleclicked a word to select it, and then take  
>> shift meta to the right it extends the selection with the word to  
>> the right of the slected word.
>> but when you chave doubleclicked a word and take meta shift and  
>> Left arrow, you first de-select the selected word and then start to  
>> select the words to the left of the first selected word, instead of  
>> starting to select the word to the left of the selected word.
>> that is, then you double click select a word, the position is to  
>> the right of the word...
> THanks for the report; I'll look at this one right away.
> --me

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