[Openmcl-devel] extracting values of variables

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Fri Jun 26 21:30:21 PDT 2009

I'm still a Clozure newbie and what I need most is to debug in the breaks. Some of the interface is intuitive and great, but in MCL I could use (local #) to the Listener in a break to access and then manipulate values.  The documentation suggests that I should be able to get values of arguments and of local variables, but it doesn't work consistently. I've attached a copy of the top of a backtrace window.

Why can't it determine the values here please?
1 > (:local line 5)
;; Can't determine value of LINE in frame 5.

1 > (:arg problem 5)
;; Can't determine value of PROBLEM in frame 5.

1 > (:arg count 4)
;; Can't determine value of COUNT in frame 4.

1 > (:local 0 5)
> Error: value #<error printing SINGLE-FLOAT #x39021> is not of the expected type FIXNUM.
> While executing: CCL::MAP-ENTRY-VALUE, in process Listener(7).

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

And if you are still looking for wishes:
• it would be great to have frame numbers and local variable numbers and arg numbers in the backtrace list
• it would be great if the key command that accesses the backtrace window initially would continue to pull it to the front once you have buried it beneath other windows
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