[Openmcl-devel] Cocoa-based IDE sources

John McAleely john at mcaleely.com
Sat Jun 27 06:10:30 PDT 2009

> On Jun 26, 2009, at 11:07 AM, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:

>> Therefore, it seems like it might be a good idea to separate the
>> Cocoa-
>> based IDE sources in some way.

This seems like a sound move.

>>  * Make the svn external for the cocoa-ide/ directory in the release
>> branches point to the cocoa-ide/ sources in the trunk.  (We do a
>> similar thing already for the documentation.)  The idea would be that
>> the IDE is still under rapid enough development that it doesn't make
>> sense to periodically say "this is a stable release point".
>>  * Move the Cocoa-based IDE sources into a separate repository
>> entirely.  The IDE would essentially become an application that could
>> be installed, much like, e.g. Hunchentoot or McCLIM.   We could still
>> use an svn external to point to the IDE sources, but maybe we would
>> only do this for the Mac OS X targets.

The second option sounds like a good idea, and gets my support. There  
seems to be quite a body of interest on this list for various GUI  
experiments and ideas, plus the desire to see the IDE get better. If  
it is given a life of its own, it would seem more likely to flourish.

I also like the idea of installing a version of CCL on my production  
servers that contains less code, should I not want the IDE there. I  
would be interested in how to make the install process drop-dead- 
simple for two user cases. Those who develop on the Mac, and will make  
use of the IDE, and a 'console-REPL-only' install which would be used  
on other platforms, and also (perhaps) in some server environments on  


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