[Openmcl-devel] extracting values of variables

slepstein at mindspring.com slepstein at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 27 17:51:39 PDT 2009

So that means if I want to operate on several local variables during a break, I have to setf temporary names for each of them, and manipulate those names? I can if I must, and thank you for the explanation (** and *** work too). If you are looking for user-friendly improvements, I'd suggest numbering the frames and variables, and providing some simpler way to manipulate them during a break. In MCL one typed (local #) but could reference local values and arguments only in the same frame. I do understand that this is more powerful, but it makes for difficult debugging…

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>On Sat, 27 Jun 2009, slepstein at mindspring.com wrote:
>> My problem is trying to manipulate values in the break. (Inspection is clear.) For example, how would I go about multiplying the values of the two slots during the break? And thank you for helping!
>> ? (defclass bar () ((slot-1 :initarg :slot-1 :initform 1 :accessor slot-1)
>>                    (slot-2 :initarg :slot-2 :initform 2 :accessor slot-2)))
>> ? (setf foo (make-instance 'bar))
>> #<BAR #x300041BBFE8D>
>> ? (describe foo)
>> #<BAR #x300041BBFE8D>
>> Wrapper: #<CCL::CLASS-WRAPPER BAR #x300041B0E94D>
>> Instance slots
>> SLOT-1: 1
>> SLOT-2: 2
>> ? (defun baz (x) (print (+ (slot-1 x) (slot-2 x))) (break))
>> BAZ
>> ? (baz foo)
>> 3 
>>> Break: 
>>> While executing: BAZ, in process Listener(6).
>>> Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
>>> If continued: Return from BREAK.
>>> Type :? for other options.
>> 1 > (:arg x 0)
>> #<BAR #x300041B154DD>
>At this point, the REPL variable * is set to that instance of BAR, so
>1> (slot-1 *)
>would access its SLOT-1 slot.

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