[Openmcl-devel] CLOS: next-method-p doesn't work correctly

Pascal Costanza pc at p-cos.net
Tue May 5 05:47:13 PDT 2009


See the following simple test method:

(defmethod foo (x)
   (if (next-method-p)
       (print x)))

When I call foo with only this method defined, I get the following  

? (foo 3)
 > Error: Fault during read of memory address #x120000300046
 > While executing: CCL::%NEXT-METHOD-P, in process listener(1).
 > Type :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.
 > Type :? for other options.
1 > (lisp-implementation-version)
"Version 1.3-r11936  (DarwinX8664)"


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