[Openmcl-devel] (SETF FIND-CLASS)

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Wed May 6 06:31:50 PDT 2009

On 2009-05-06, at 13:29 , Gary Byers wrote:

> ...
>> CLHS's definition of a proper name:
>>  If S is a symbol such that S = (class-name C) and C = (find-class  
>> S),
>>  then S is the proper name of C.
>> So since CLASS-NAME is redefinable by the user there's no way
>> to circumvent the check against it (except if we were to watch
>> and record any redefinition of it, obviously).
> The function (SETF CLASS-NAME) happens to be implemented as a generic
> function in CCL;

which is not just happenstance: http://www.lispworks.com/ 

> there's one method, specialized on the classes T and CLASS.
> The primary method on (SETF CLASS-NAME) uses (SETF CCL::%CLASS- 
> to update the internal proper-name slot.  (It's defined around line  
> 1700
> in "ccl/level-1/l1-clos.lisp".)  That method also worries about  
> whether
> the name's status as a type specifier changes and whether that  
> conflicts
> with type specifiers defined with DEFTYPE.
> User code can certainly call (SETF CLASS-NAME) to change a class's  
> name
> at any time, and doing so affects whether or not the class is properly
> named.  As far as I know, the cached proper-name slot is maintained
> correctly.
> I'm not sure that I believe that users can portably redefine what

such a method is conformant, so long as it is not specialized on a  
standardized class.


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