[Openmcl-devel] (SETF FIND-CLASS)

Leslie P. Polzer sky at viridian-project.de
Tue May 5 06:08:14 PDT 2009

Thanks everyone for your explanations.

I do believe that CCL's behaviour is correct now.

Some more comments:

> All well and good, but it seems that many (most ?
> all ?) other implementations unconditionally define S to be a type-specifier
> whenever C is a class,

SBCL and ECL map all class names to types while CLISP only maps
the proper name to a type.

> As noted in the earlier message, CCL's behavior would be more consistent
> if DEFTYPE also checked for proper-namedness (or the equivalent).

Yes, indeed. I will try to enhance DEFTYPE's behavior in CCL.

What do you mean by "or the equivalent"?

  Thanks again,



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