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Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Fri May 15 13:11:48 PDT 2009

thank you for infos! hope you can do something with the mcl-code.  
that'll be really super when it comes! and the coloring also...
can't wait ;-)

I was starting to believe that you where supposed to do this in cocoa- 
bridge-ccl nswindow yourself...
so your mcl-solution sounds good...


Le 15 mai 09 à 20:08, Glen Foy a écrit :

> On May 15, 2009, at 12:55 PM, Joakim Sandgren wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it very far until we have "remember window positions"?
>> I think this is really really important to be able to dispose your
>> windows as you want. and to find them like that when you return. to
>> just start to work again.
>> I think this is almost more important than syntax-coloring (that is
>> also very important!)
> Window positioning is important to me also.  It seems half my life is
> spent moving and resizing windows.
> I have some old MCL code that lets you define "parking spots" for you
> editor windows.  Every time you open a window it is automatically
> sized and placed in one of these parking spots.  If all your parking
> spots are full, the least recently opened window is closed and placed
> on a file history list.
> You can move your file around with function keys, get access to the
> file history list through a popup menu, etc.  There is also a
> positions history list, and both of these lists are saved and reloaded
> at the start of each session.
> I will eventually port this to CCL.  No more manually sizing and
> moving window.
> Right now I'm working on porting some Fred syntax styling code, your
> second request.  It's not fun debugging code that has to run in the
> Cocoa event thread.  We really need a solution for this, and I feel
> sure we will get a solution before long.  Either Gary will do
> something dazzling with threads, and events, and break loops, or maybe
> a Cocoa based Slime would be good solution.  Currently debugging
> callback code is a bit like root canal.  Not something you'd want to
> do everyday.
> The syntax styling code is ready for full font support.  As soon as we
> get persistent text attributes, it will be ready to go.
> -Glen
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