[Openmcl-devel] patch: ability to create socket for given file descriptor number

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Tue May 19 01:06:08 PDT 2009

Sorry; stuff tends to slip through the cracks and scroll off the top of
mail readers.  Sometimes, it's better to open a ticket in Trac instead
of or as well as sending email to this list (since that helps to avoid
the "scrolling off into yesterday's mail" problem.)

I looked at your first patch and aside from being mildly appalled at
the situation you're trying to address (where a process is created with
fd 0 set to something that can't be read from) didn't see an obvious
problem.  We probably need to be careful to document the new :FD argument
as being something that should be used with some caution.

As far as patches go: I don't think that we've ever rejected a patch
because of formatting or style issues, but formatting issues
(especially) can make patches harder to apply than they need to be.
I'd say that "svn diff" output (against the trunk or release and
identified as such) is ideal (since that output mentions the revisions
involved), and when sending patches via email, it's much, much better
to send them as enclosures (as you have) than in the body of the message.
Among other things, mail programs tend to wrap long lines and otherwise
modify the message body, and it can be hard to undo those modifications
before applying the patch.

I'll try to check this patch into the trunk in a minute and, assuming
that no one using the trunk experiences any problems (I wouldn't think
that they would, your changes looked pretty straightforward) propagate
it into 1.3 after a few days.  Thanks and sorry for not responding to
the earlier message.

On Mon, 18 May 2009, Maciej Pasternacki wrote:

> On 2009-05-08, at 12:04, Maciej Pasternacki wrote:
>> Patch adds FD as an accepted keyword argument to CCL:MAKE-SOCKET, and 
>> changes FD from auxilliary variable to a keyword argument in all downstream 
>> functions.  Downstream functions call c_socket only when FD argument wasn't 
>> supplied, otherwise trusting caller that given file descriptor is a 
>> descriptor for right kind of socket, and using it to create socket 
>> structure.
>> Patch is made against SVN trunk.
> Is there something wrong with my patch, or with the way I am sending it? 
> Should I open a bug in Trac rather than directing my issues to the list?  I 
> supposed it is better to discuss the issue and proposed solution before 
> opening the bug, to keep informations in the bugtracker as relevant as 
> possible, but if that's not the proper order, please tell me.  Proper way of 
> sending patches was not described in current manual, and I could not find any 
> directions at Wiki other than this list address.
> Anyway, due to mess in my SVN checkouts (for which I apologize) the patch in 
> my original post was actually against 1.2 release.  I attach correct version 
> of patch, which applies cleanly to 1.3 release and to the trunk.
> Regards,
> Maciej.

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