[Openmcl-devel] Evaluating empty Buffer region Hangs IDE

wws2 ww.s2 at ukonline.co.uk
Wed May 20 14:32:14 PDT 2009

Just starting to explore CCL (the 1.3dmg version).  One of my first  
impressions was discovering that evaluating empty selections cause  
the listener to disappear.  I first discovered this evaluating  
regions with compiler flags that result in an empty expression, for  
example (select between the quote marks not including them)

" #+:ccl-5.2 4     "

causes the listener to disappear. But if it has

" #+:ccl-5.2 4  7 "

the listener shows 7.  But in fact select any empty buffer area

"             "

  and evaluate the selection and this also occurs.


Separately, I cannot decipher the messages on this list (or the  
documentation) related to whether CCL runs COCOA in 64 bit mode on a  
PPC (iMac G5) under osx4.11.  I get the impression that the answer is  
no, certainly when I try to load cocoa I get a message saying the  
library is the wrong version.  Is there some combination of libraries  
and/osx version that would allow me to explore the 64 bit version?  I  
would like to port some MCL code to CCL in part to take advantage of  
the larger datasets that would allow me to run.


Finally,  it would be nice to have some guidance on things like the  
initial mode line.  This may exist somewhere on the web pages, but  
the bits I have found do not seem to explain things like that, and I  
have run across two issues.

To start, (a) in MCL one can have the package name in a list on the  
mode line (ie ";-*- mode: lisp; Package: (:DATA) -*-") and that means  
create the package if it does not exit.  That exact and useful  
convention does not work in CCL, but is there some alternate convention?

(b) I have noticed is that if I click in a buffer that does have a  
(defpackage ) at the top, I cannot then load the buffer because it  
complains the package is not defined, but if I just open and load it  
(from the menu) everything goes fine.  I surmise that by clicking in  
the buffer a "buffer mark" to use FRED terminology, is established  
below the (defpackage ) position, and so in some sense the subsequent  
loading of the buffer does not start at the top, but somehow starts  
at the click point and complains that the package is not defined.   
Surely loading the buffer should use or move a buffer mark at the top  
and start from there.

Thanks for your help and guidance,

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