[Openmcl-devel] A few minor requests for the IDE

Kristian Bredin kristianbredin at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:23:00 PDT 2009


I have a few minor requests for the ongoing development (and  
tweaking) of the IDE.

1. I'd like to be able to Command-Option-click on a function name,  
and then be brought to the definition (as in MCL). Option-. works,  
but I prefer the click version. The cursor should preferably not turn  
into a crosshair either, but rather remain as it is (= a vertical bar).

2. I'd like the text in an editor window to stay in the same  
scrolling position when I alter the size of the window. This does  
work when the scrollbar is at the top, but I'd also like this to be  
true when the scrollbar is in other positions. This typically happens  
when I go to a definition via 1. above. The editor window is usually  
quite small (if I haven't opened it before) and the enclosing parens  
of the sexp is hilighted. Then I move the window to the top and drag  
the bottom-right corner to resize it. When I release the mouse, the  
sexp pops to a new position. I suspect that this is a feature, but  
I'd prefer it to be as I write in the first sentence of this paragraph.

3. There's also a slightly irritating detail regarding horizontal  
scroll position. When the cursor is at the beginning of a buffer (as  
it is initially when opening an existing source file) and you drag  
the bottom-right corner horizontally (either to the left or to the  
right), the window scrolls horizontally a tiny bit.

4. I'd like editor windows to have exactly the same size and position  
when I reopen them. This is almost true, but if the window is as tall  
as the screen (in my case 1050 pixels minus the menubar) it leaves a  
small gap above and below the window, the next time I open it.

5. It would be nice if the Apropos window could have two text input  
areas (as in MCL). It's quite often that I remember two separate  
fractional parts of a symbol name, but not the exact order.

6. The symbol column of the search result area of the Apropos window  
is a bit narrow. I find myself dragging the separator to the right  
everytime I restart CCL. I would be nice if this could be remembered  
between sessions.

Best Regards,
Kristian Bredin

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