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Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Thu May 21 05:33:04 PDT 2009


I'm coming back to you with some accent behaviors...

If you go to Apropos... in the menu and then search for a function and  
apropos finds it and then you double click on that function in the  
list to go to the source code :
if that function is in a file that is not saved yet, it crashes.
if that function is in a file that is saved without .lisp at the end,  
it crashes.
If that function have a accentuated letter in its name (like français)  
it goes to the document but do not find the function - that is it do  
not go to the function putting the cursor in the beginning of it.

Search Files...
If you use Search Files... in the menu you do not have the choise to  
search non .lisp-files so that is logic.
If you search for accentuated function it - like français - the search  
files... do not find anything.

alt-shift-period (find the source code command)
if I, in the call for the function "français" put the cursor after the  
ç, I have "No known definitions for AIS"
if I, in the call for the function "français" put the cursor before  
the ç, I have "No known definitions for FRAN"

Search Files... Window
And, when I choose the search files.. in the menu, the first time I  
have to klick in the window to make it active to start to use it.
After that the window is active when it comes up.

If I go to Apropos... in the menu, this window Is active when it comes  
up -
if I search for a function that is not yet evaluated, the apropos...  
do not find anything (normal)
if I then do evaluate that function and then go to apropos...,  
apropos... Still do not find anything...

The Inspector window is everytime it is called for Not active then it  
shows. You always have to click in it to start to use it.
Is it very complicated to implement some arrow commands to be able to  
navigate in the inspector without the mouse?

Is it very complicated to be able to fix a position for a Listener  

I also think that in a vague and lointain future it could be good to  
simply put inspector window fonts, positions and font size etc in the  
The same for Listener window and its position and the normal windows  
default positions
And perhaps be able to chose to stack next window or Not...

the functions I used:

(defun français ()
   (print 'français))


(defun french ()
   (print 'french))


I Thank You all very much for all the fixes that has been done so  

Very Sincerely


Joakim Sandgren
joakim sandgren musik
42, rue de Maubeuge
75009 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 26 43 90
info at joakimsandgren.com

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