[Openmcl-devel] Type declaration question

Sudhir Shenoy sshenoy at gol.com
Mon May 25 19:03:39 PDT 2009

Sorry for the noise --- I discovered that "(declare (type (unsigned- 
byte 64) foo))" works. But according to CLHS, just "type-specifier  
var" should work as well as "type type-specifier var". Is this a bug  
in CCL 1.3?


On May 26, 2009, at 10:46 AM, Sudhir Shenoy wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what the proper declaration for a 64 bit unsigned
> integer is? I was using "(declare ((unsigned-byte 64) foo))" which I
> am fairly sure worked prior to CCL 1.3 but now I get a compilation
> warning and the fasl is not generated. I checked the CLHS and there
> doesn't seem to be an upper bound on the number of bits in the
> unsigned-byte declaration.
> I have this in some low level i/o conversion (reading in a IEEE float
> value of 8 bytes and converting to a Lisp number) code where I use
> (ldb (byte 1 63) foo) to extract the sign-bit, for example. Is there a
> better way to do this?
> Thanks
> Sudhir

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