[Openmcl-devel] CCL on SnowLeopard?

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Oct 19 12:21:19 PDT 2009

On Mon, 19 Oct 2009, Greg Pfeil wrote:

> On 19 Oct 2009, at 12:42, Charles Martin wrote:
>> Tried to install CCL on my 32-bit Mac mini with 10.6 this weekend, and
>> it died horribly.  I don't have a tonne of time to mess with it, I
>> mostly like to keep CCL around for the rare occasion I get to hack for
>> fun.  If there's something simple I'm missing (even something stupid,
>> I can take it) let me know.  Otherwise I guess this is reporting a
>> big.
> These aren't the errors I remember (but a few thousand errors flew by,
> so who knows), but when you installed Xcode on Snow Leopard, did you
> remember to include the optional 10.4 support?

"dying horribly" = C compiler can't find header files, gets confused,
and generates dozens/hundreds of largely meaningless error messages
detailing that confusion; this is all a symptom of failing to install
the optional 10.4 XCode support.

Or, if you prefer, it's a symptom of our trying to continue to support
10.4 while Apple's starting to phase that out.  When we asked last spring,
the replies that we got indicated that few people still cared about 10.4,
but one large institutional user had a large installed base of 10.4 machines
that they said that they couldn't afford to upgrade so we decided to leave
it in.  In hindsight, offering to hold a fundraising drive so that they
could afford to upgrade those machines might have been a better choice,
and the situation with 10.4 support will probably get worse over time.

>> Using the svn version and the .dmg version, got a mess of compile
>> errors following the rebuild-ccl step, ending with these:

As a rule of thumb, it's often wise to ignore any C compiler messages
after the first few, which probably involved failure to find header
files.  If it can't find those header files, it can't likely make
any sense out of code that depends on things defined in those header
files, and it's generally not very interesting to see it not make
sense of things.

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