[Openmcl-devel] buffer evals

Terje Norderhaug terje at in-progress.com
Tue Oct 20 10:13:26 PDT 2009

On Oct 20, 2009, at 9:51 AM, Alexander Repenning wrote:
> The second issues is just the Execute All menu command. Even after
> using CCL now for some time I get frequently surprised by the result
> not matching my expectations. That is, Execute All really loads the
> file which may or may not be the same as the actual buffer content. To
> me Execute All, especially given that is right next to the Execute
> Selection menu command which is based on the buffer AND has the same
> name as the MCL version which is evaluating the buffer not the file is
> confusing. I have seen others being puzzled about the results as well.
> How about:
> a) Execute All evals the buffer (same as MCL) and not the file
> b) Execute All does eval the file but at least gives a warning in the
> case that the buffer contains unsaved changes
> c) have Execute All do an eval buffer & a new Execute File menu
> command to load the file?

I like option 'a' the best too, but if the functionality of a menu to  
load the file of the buffer is desired, what about:

d) Have Load File select the edited file as default, leaving Execute  
All to eval the buffer.

-- Terje Norderhaug

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