[Openmcl-devel] Compiler warnings

Daniel Weinreb dlw at itasoftware.com
Wed Oct 21 08:21:39 PDT 2009

Ron Garret wrote:
> Serious question: why does portability matter to you so much?  Back in  
> the day, portability mattered because DARPA said it mattered.  Those  
> days are long gone.  Do we really need to be able to port code between  
> five different implementations nowadays?  Are the benefits really  
> worth the costs?
For what it's worth, we keep our code portable between
CCL and SBCL, and have buildbots that automatically
compile and test it in both, on the grounds that we
get better testing that way.  Sometimes we get interesting
compiler warnings from one implementation that aren't
produced by the other.

-- Dan
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