[Openmcl-devel] Problems with openMCL slime and Aquamacs (Mac OS X)

Philippe Sismondi psismondi at arqux.com
Fri Oct 23 17:55:37 PDT 2009

Ok, thanks, Gary.

I got the errors with asdf as provided by ccl, but also with a copy of  
asdf.lisp downloaded yesterday from the asdf site.

So, just to be clear on this, I take you to mean that the bug is in  
ccl. Is that right? If so, there is nothing for me to do at the moment  
to correct the problem.

Or, should I be doing more, either to avoid the problem or assist in  
tracking it down?

- Phil -

On 2009-10-23, at 8:38 PM, Gary Byers wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, Philippe Sismondi wrote:
>> Further to my last post, and just for fun here is a complete  
>> backtrace
>> of a failure that resulted in an invalid memory access:
> That seems to be a similar symptom: both arguments to the function  
> in frame
> 3 should be "CTYPE" objects (concrete representations of types), and  
> the
> second argument is 0.  This code is low-level and unsafe enough   
> that it
> tries to indirect through location 0 and faults; in your earlier  
> backtrace,
> something noticed that 0 wasn't a "CTYPE" and complained about it.


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