[Openmcl-devel] Problems with openMCL slime and Aquamacs (Mac OS X)

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Fri Oct 23 18:24:17 PDT 2009

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, Philippe Sismondi wrote:

> Ok, thanks, Gary.
> I got the errors with asdf as provided by ccl, but also with a copy of 
> asdf.lisp downloaded yesterday from the asdf site.
> So, just to be clear on this, I take you to mean that the bug is in ccl. Is 
> that right?

I don't know where the bug is at this point.  It certainly could be in CCL.

> If so, there is nothing for me to do at the moment to correct the 
> problem.
> Or, should I be doing more, either to avoid the problem or assist in tracking 
> it down?

The person who reported what seemed to be the same problem on IRC said that
they thought that the problem was with a contributed SLIME/ASDF module.  I
generally dont like or use SLIME and don't know exactly what that means (I
suppose that I could figure it out ...); if you do know what that means, it
might be interesting to see if their theory (that that module caused the
problem) is consistent with what you see.

Other than that ... I think that the first step for me is to try to reproduce
the problem, and if I can't do that fairly quickly I'll probably start
flooding this list with SLIME beginner's questions.

> - Phil -

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