[Openmcl-devel] Problems with openMCL slime and Aquamacs (Mac OS X)

Philippe Sismondi psismondi at arqux.com
Fri Oct 23 20:28:38 PDT 2009

After my last post it occurred to me that you may not have meant to  
suggest that the bug is in ccl. I suppose that something in slime or  
asdf could be clobbering ccl internals; perhaps they are calling some  
non-lisp functions with pointers running amok or something.

I don't know enough about slime, asdf, or for that matter common lisp  
generally to be of much help here. I will spend some time on it, but  
nobody should hold their breath awaiting a solution from me. I am not  
really committed to slime per se, but I am somewhat hesitant to move  
away from emacs, since it is familiar and allows me to concentrate on  
the common lisp learning curve.

Anyway, I'll dig around a bit to see if I can help. I'll check back on  
this mailing list over the next few days to see if you or somebody has  
worked a miraculous cure ;-)

- Phil -

On 2009-10-23, at 9:24 PM, Gary Byers wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, Philippe Sismondi wrote:
>> Ok, thanks, Gary.
>> I got the errors with asdf as provided by ccl, but also with a copy  
>> of asdf.lisp downloaded yesterday from the asdf site.
>> So, just to be clear on this, I take you to mean that the bug is in  
>> ccl. Is that right?
> I don't know where the bug is at this point.  It certainly could be  
> in CCL.
>> If so, there is nothing for me to do at the moment to correct the  
>> problem.
>> Or, should I be doing more, either to avoid the problem or assist  
>> in tracking it down?
> The person who reported what seemed to be the same problem on IRC  
> said that
> they thought that the problem was with a contributed SLIME/ASDF  
> module.  I
> generally dont like or use SLIME and don't know exactly what that  
> means (I
> suppose that I could figure it out ...); if you do know what that  
> means, it
> might be interesting to see if their theory (that that module caused  
> the
> problem) is consistent with what you see.
> Other than that ... I think that the first step for me is to try to  
> reproduce
> the problem, and if I can't do that fairly quickly I'll probably start
> flooding this list with SLIME beginner's questions.
>> - Phil -

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